SecondhandSeptember is happening now and I’m going to be participating. It is hosted by Oxfam and the lovely @ThriftyMum and is all about helping the environment.

The main principle of this is to not buy any no new clothes for 30 days. You can find out more information on it here.

Thrifty Mum has come up with some really good challenges and simple things that we can all do over the course of 30 days. I am aiming to complete and share these with you all. You can check out more of her wonderful posts and ideas here

#secondhandseptember instagram challenge

You can read about 18 other money bloggers who are also completing the challenge here

#1 Take the Pledge

This is me ‘taking the pledge’ to complete the SecondHandSeptember challenge! I am also going to try and do a ‘no spend’ month which you can read about here. Who’s going to complete the pledge with me?!

#2 Reasons to buy second hand

There are loads of different reasons to buy second hand. For me the best reason is that it saves you money. By shopping around, in charity shops, car boots, ebay and the likes you can actually find some really nice statement pieces in really good condition for a fraction of the normal price.

#3 Charity shop of the week

I have recently discovered a local charity shop where everything in store is £1 or less! I am yet to find anything in my size that I love but as soon as I do I shall share it with you.

#4 Fave second hand piece

My favourite second hand piece has to be the furniture that I was gifted by a friend a few years ago. In particular it would be this unit which we now have as our little memory unit at the top of our stairs.

memory unit

#5 Make money from second hand

My favourite way to make money is actually by saving money. I tend to try and buy all of my clothes from charity shops because they cost a fraction of the retail price. By doing this I spend a lot less money which means that I have more money left over for other things.

#6 Decluttering methods

Over the last few days I have been sorting through my wardrobes and cupboards and trying to take out anything that I haven’t used or no longer wear. I have started to post all of these on eBay and I should make a nice little savings fund if they all sell. 2 wins as I declutter and make money as well!

#7 This weeks #thriftyfind

#8 Carboot sales

#9 Online second hand shops

#10 Charity shop of the week

#11 Second hand music

#12 Capsule wardrobe

#13 Charity shopping like a pro

#14 This weeks #thriftyfind

#15 £10 charity shop challenge

#16 Second hand books

#17 Charity shop of the week

#18 Antiques

#19 Vintage clothing

#20 Second hand homeware

#21 This weeks #thriftyfind

#22 Tips for reselling

#23 Second hand party clothes

#24 Charity shop of the week

#25 Second hand accessories

#26 Customisation

#27 Second hand kitchenwear

#28 £10 charity shop challenge

#29 This weeks #thriftyfind

#30 Autumn capsule wardrobe


  1. I’m very pleased to find more bloggers participating in this challenge and raising awareness! I really like the idea of the daily challenges too. I sadly don’t have time to do daily blog posts right now, but I’d like to give this a go – maybe I’ll try to do it on Twitter or something. Either way, thank you very much for sharing and good luck!

    1. Author

      It’s a great challenge and there seems an awful lot of us participating in it. I’m going to be doing daily images on my Instagram and then linking to them here with a couple of featured posts as well. Good luck to you as well!

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