October Goals header, collage of different pictures related to October

Hey everyone! I’ve decided to share my October goals with you here in the hope that it’ll give me to motivation to smash them! How quick has September gone though?! I swear it feels like it’s actually flown by and October has just appeared out of nowhere! And with theContinue Reading

I do enjoy a good ‘about me’ type post as I think it helps to get to know the person behind the blog a bit. I also love reading other people’s ‘about me’ pages as you can learn things about them. For these reasons I am participating in this tagContinue Reading

It’s the school holidays – the kids are bored, the weathers terrible and you’ve got no money… Sound familiar? If so then keep reading! I’ve decided to compile a list of some free and cheap activities for kids that everyone will love. Rubbish weather? Then stay indoors, there’s loads ofContinue Reading