My Christmas Food Shop

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With just 2 weeks till Christmas Day, food shopping is appearing higher up on my list. I have already started putting a few extra bits into my basket on my weekly shop to spread the cost, but, I still have the main shop to go. Hence this post…

It may not seem the most interesting post, but I’m also going to explain how I plan on saving money by pre-planning. As a heads up, I have budgeted just £50 for the whole of our Christmas food as part of my Christmas budget!

Why do I need to plan my Christmas food shop?

Surely it’s just a slightly bigger shop than normal weeks? For some households this is the case, for others it’s a completely different shop! I always like to make a shopping list before I hit the shops as it saves money. If you stick to the items on your list you’ll be less tempted to make impulse purchases in the supermarket.

Now, some people panic at Christmas and act like the shops close for a week. Don’t lie, you know it’s true! They close for one day people, there really is no need to panic. By planning and knowing what you’re likely to eat you can save so much money.

For example, we’re going to be at other houses on Boxing day so there’s no need to have food in for that day. It just won’t get eaten and will just get thrown away – wasting food and money. This is the same reason we’ll only be buying a Turkey crown. There’s only the two of us for lunch so we won’t eat a whole turkey and being away for Boxing Day means we won’t have loads as leftovers.

My Christmas Food Shopping List – £41.23

Christmas Day Dinner (Prawn cocktail starter) – £16.73
  • Turkey Crown – £7
  • Roast Potatoes – £2 (Iceland have a deal where you get a free roasting tray with their McCain roasts)
  • Veg – £1 (I’m hoping Asda do their super cheap veg again this year to get some fresh veg and the rest will be frozen)
  • Gravy – £0 (already have this in the cupboards)
  • Stuffing – £0.25 (Box of Morrison’s savers sage and onion stuffing mix, we tried this the other day and it’s just as good as branded versions!)
  • Pigs in blankets – £3 (this will make more than we need so we will have leftovers to)
  • Yorkshire Puddings – £0.50 (this is the price for a pack of 15 from Morrison’s saver range – again they taste just as good as Bessie’s!)
  • Goose fat/roast oil – £0 (we already have some from last year)
  • Cranberry Sauce – £0.79 (I’m not the biggest fan so it will just be a jar from Home Bargains/B&M)
  • Prawns – £1.69 (just enough for us both, the small fridge packs from any supermarket or Aldi)
  • Lettuce – £0.50
Nibbles, snacks and little treats – £4.50
  • Pringles (prawn cocktail and sour cream & onion) – £2.50 (currently on offer for £1.25 a tube so will be grabbing a couple)
  • Mince Pies – £2 (a tub of mince meat and a roll of shortcrust pastry to bake my own)
Desserts – £20
  • Christmas Cake – £15 (I’ve made this from scratch and the price includes a bottle of brandy and the decorations)
  • Christmas pudding – £1 (the fella doesn’t like it so it’ll just be a little one for me)
  • Black Forest Gateaux – £2 (My favourite pudding so you know I’m treating myself to one!! Iceland’s is just £2)
  • Stollen – £2 (I LOVE this stuff and always find Aldi or Lidl have the cheapest and nicest ones)

I wasn’t originally going to count the Christmas cake in this budget, but with this list you can see that I’ve still got about £10 to play with to come in under budget. This also wouldn’t be much for a whole week of shopping at first glance but we could definitely stretch this to last us a good few days. The prices I have found are for full packets of the items so there will be plenty to go around.

A few meals that can be made from these are already popping to mind:

  • Turkey sandwiches or stew – most crowns serve 6-8 people so this will easily do another couple of meals.
  • Sausages – a pack of 12 chipolatas will go a lot further than one meal. I feel sausage and mash shouting out!

What’s on your list?

I’d love to know what special treats are on your list or any essentials that I’ve missed out…

No doubt a few extra things will get added to my list but if I find any really good deals I’ll be sure to add them in! Lidl is my all time favourite supermarket for Christmas treats as I find they stock a lot that others don’t. Proper Gluwein is the one that seals this for me!!


  1. Amazing budgeting!! On my list will be mainly vegan treats, currently on the lookout for vegan mince pies! Xx

    1. Author

      Thank you 😊 I’ve sure I’ve seen vegan mince pies at Tesco in their free from range! Think they were only £1.50 for 6 xx

  2. I am doing Finnish Christmas in The Netherlands so some compromises need to be made… I have already been to Ikea for my Nordic essentials and will get the resr at my local supermarket Albert Heijn. We also have a Lidl so thank you for reminding me about their selection, which is usually fantastic. Enjoy your Christmas 🎅🏻😹❤️ -Jenni

    1. Author

      Oooh that sounds idyllic though!! A white Christmas though as well?! Happy Christmas to you to!! X

      1. Most likely not. It’s usually pretty grey in NL, just like in UK. But we can always hope for snow!

        1. Author

          Oh no 🙁 boo, fingers crossed it does though! A white Christmas would be pretty amazing!!!

    1. Author

      Oh indeed! Christmas is the time to indulge

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