How to Shop the Black Friday Deals

Black Friday originally started in America and was introduced into the UK a few years ago. It is traditionally the day for the best deals and discounts on the high street with stores slashing prices. However, this isn’t always true and starts my post.

With this originally being a one day event shoppers would be queuing outside stores hours before opening to get that big deal. News footage in the evening also featured fights and brawls because people didn’t get what they wanted.

How to avoid the rush

Retailers have helped us out massively with this one, the deals aren’t usually just for one day. Most stores will now start their ‘Black Friday deals’ at the start of the week that Black Friday falls on. This means that there’s plenty of time to find the deal that’s right for you and no more queuing outside in the cold.

Because of this there are also often deals all week so you can actually get a better price! Some retailers will have different deals everyday of the week like Amazon’s Daily Deals. They’ll then have ‘better deals’ on Black Friday itself.

Don’t let the deal sway you

Just because something is half price or ‘the cheapest you’ll ever find’ doesn’t mean it actually is… Lots of retailers will actually put the price of something up just before it goes on offer so it looks like you’re saving a bigger percentage. You actually won’t be as it’s probably been almost that price before. Currys are really noticeable for this…

Don’t buy something that you don’t need because ‘its a good deal’. Even if something if a really good price and good value if you’re not going to use it then you’re wasting your money. All too often we’re fooled into buying things just because it’s on a special offer – supermarket end of aisles, I’m looking at you! The retailers love it, our bank balances don’t agree!!!

Be Prepared and do your research for Black Friday

We all know it’s going to happen, we all know it’s when a lot of people start their Christmas shopping. Why not write down a shopping list before you even think of hitting the shops! I’ve written about this before in my ‘saving for Christmas‘ and ‘saving money on food‘ posts but a list is key to success. This way you know what you are looking for and are less likely to buy something not on the list. That’s the plan anyway…

Do your research

Don’t just buy something from the first shop you look at. Have a look at competing retailers to see who has the best, and cheapest deal. The high street is a competitive place and retailers will try and grab your business by offering cheaper prices. Use this to your advantage and look around (online is the best) before purchasing the item.

On the flip side of this, if you buy something in one shop and then find it cheaper elsewhere, return it. I don’t get why people are so against returning items, I know a few that don’t like it. Retailers are used to items being returned. As long as you have your receipt and it’s in the same condition as you bought it most will be fine.

My Quick Summary

In conclusion to all of this, my vital tips for shopping the Black Friday sales without spending a fortune are:

  • Make a list of things that you actually need – and stick to it
  • Get online and google the deals stores have and the prices of thing
  • Go out and shop the high street to check there aren’t any better in store only deals
  • Buy your goodies
  • Get home and work out how much you’ve saved!

I’d love to know what you’re planning on buying or have already bought in the Black Friday sales. Plus I’m an eager ear for a saving so let me know how much you save this year!


  1. I absolutely agree about Currys!
    One thing I’ve noticed is that the easiest way to check if something is going to be in a Black Friday deal is to check the price of the product over the previous 35 days. UK retailers have to have had a product on sale for 28 days at a higher price before they can put it in a sale. If a product’s price was raised from a previous price, it’s a good indicator that it’s going to be discounted. Usually to the same price it was before the increase though.

    1. Author

      I forgot about this tip but we do this all the time! My partners been looking at getting a bean to cup coffee machine and it’s definitely noticeable which ones suddenly go up in price so they can go back down again!

  2. Great post. So many ways to get that deals, and one thing in particular you said about returning items if you find it cheaper elsewhere is great.

    Some stores will even dona price adjust you buy an item from their store and in a certain window of time.offer it for less. I recently did tos at Old Navy.

    I have a few tips to share as well, if that’s okay.

    Have fun shopping!

    1. Author

      Of course it’s ok! The more tips the merrier 🙂
      I feel there seems to be less and less stores doing this which is a shame because I think it’s a fab idea and would push loyalty so much! I think I found Halfords to be really fussy when it came to this and they’d say if one little thing was different they wouldn’t match the price.

  3. I hate shopping with a passion, especially when it’s crowded and things are reduced! This year though I’m vastly outnumbered like 3-1 so I’ll be heading to the shops on Saturday 😂 Fingers Crossed I survive (because i actually need to buy quite a lot!) 👊🏻

    1. Author

      Haha, I’m heading to Meadowhall on Saturday – it is going to be RAMMED! I don’t need much now though so kinda hoping for a slightly chilled day with my niece and sister in law

  4. Great tips I agree retailers sales during the week are typically better than Black Friday. I don’t plan on buying anything I think I’m going to save my money. I really don’t need anything if I was to buy something it would be something I want. I did the weekly saving challenge I managed to save $1200.

    1. Author

      Exactly, it’s too easy to spend when we don’t actually need anything isn’t it. That’s amazing that you managed to save so much!! How did you do it?

  5. The sales are SOOO tempting but like you’ve suggested, I knew what I wanted to buy, watched the prices on and off and hope that it pays off. I got an Alexa for much cheaper than I’ve ever seen it.

    But these are useful tips to make sure I won’t go overboard!

    Thank you x

    1. Author

      Not a problem and definitely, my fellas got a few things on his list but he’s been spending the last few weeks comparing prices to make sure he gets the best deal!

  6. I love shopping on Black Friday, but agree that not everything is super discounted. However, most stores will have some great deals and doorbusters that make it fun and worthwhile: one year I received a free pair of scissors when I was one of the first to arrive at JoAnn Fabrics. And Target had some dish-towels that were only $2 each another year, plus super-discounted Christmas DVDs.

    1. Author

      Oh wow, they never give out freebies here! Well not on Black Friday anyway haha. We’re hoping to buy a holiday so that’s going to be a big expense and then my fella wants a new coffee machine!

  7. Yes to the advice! Black Friday is an excellent way to encourage people to spend money. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you spend it on meaningful things and not, as you say, be tempted by a piece of paper laced with red letters! This connected with the right place in me. 🙂

    1. Author

      Definitely, if it’s something that you’ve wanted for a while and is now a really good price then why not. But if you don’t need it or it’s just a little saving there’s no need really.

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