Impressed with ImPress Nails

Are you a nail-biter who wants lovely looking long nails? If so, ImPress are the brand for you! I’d love to be able to get my nails professionally manicured every few weeks and keep them looking nice. The reality is that I just can’t afford to!

I often end up buying the Primark £1 false glue on nails – which I LOVE, but I think I have found a new favourite…

I have to admit, I wasn’t too sure about the silver mirror style nail but I am definitely growing to it. It gives a bit of festive twang to them so I’m all in!

ImPress nail packaging with completed nails

I stumbled across these yesterday in Superdrug’s reduced section – if you don’t know what I’m on about you should do. They cost me just 80p – yep, that’s right! Less than £1

For this price I couldn’t leave them on the shelf and just wish there were a few more boxes. I will definitely be checking all my local stores for these at this price again!

Anyway, I digress!

ImPress Press-on Manicure

There is a little kit inside the box, not only do you get 30 nails (in a variety of sizes) but you also get all of this:

Contents of the pack - wipe, cuticle pusher and nail file
Cleaning wipe, cuticle pusher and nail file.

The wipe is really cute and reminds me of those lemon ones you get from KFC. It doesn’t have the same smell though 🙁

How to apply them

It really is a super easy and simple process to apply these. And I thought the Primark nails were easy!

  1. Wipe your nails clean
  2. Pick the nails that you’re going to use and lay them in front of you
  3. Remove the tab and place the nail onto yours (tab end at the cuticle)
  4. Push down on the middle and then the ends of the nail
  5. Repeat for all your nails (recommend doing thumbs last)
  6. DONE!

It literally took me less than 5 minutes from opening the packet to having all of my nails done – AH MAY ZING!

How to guide

The proof is in the pudding

Now unfortunately you will have to wait for this… But I am hopeful. They definitely feel secure, and I would even say more secure than glue on which is a surprise for me. I also don’t feel wary of using them immediately like I do with glue on.

I will update this post in a week or so to let you know how I get on with them!

Where can you buy Impress Nails?

If you’re super lucky then you may also be able to find them in your local Superdrug on the reduced shelves. If not, they stock them at £7.99 each and they are currently on a Buy 1 get 1 half price deal so you could get two sets for £12. I’m loving these french manicure style with a bit of added glitz!

As they are a US brand you can also buy direct from their website where they have some fab designs. Including a Christmas range which I’m hoping will appear in Superdrug soon…. I could actually buy most of these!

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