Goals for Christmas 2019

Goals are vital to keep you focused and motivated! I try and set myself some goals every month depending on what I want to achieve. This month I have decided to roll November and December’s into one and make it a Christmas goal list as the months are going so quick at the moment!!

Before I start on these though here’s a recap of my October goals and how I got on…

October Goals

#1 Join and start using a gym and try to go jogging once a week

Ok so this one was a big fat fail. Due to it getting darker sooner I’ve not managed to get home in time to go jogging with the group that I’d planned to go with. I did go to a new hockey team last week for a training session and was going to play my first game at the weekend. However, due to coming down with a horrendous cold (I’m still saying its just a cold) it knocked me for 6 and I chose a day at home with my brother instead. I’m now debating joining though and here’s my reasoning!


It will increase my fitness

It’ll be good for social life and hopefully I’ll meet some new friends

I really enjoyed the training session and would love to get back into playing!


It’s going to cost me £190 and then £6 for every match I play

It takes up every weekend which means me and the fella will get less time together. The main reason we moved was for more time together so I really don’t want to compromise on this. I was looking forward to weekends off to see friends and family and have time to relax.

#2 Stick to monthly budgets for things

This one I did achieve!

Petrol Budget = £100 – Spent £95.88, I have also still got about half a tank of fuel left in the car so should easily be able to achieve the same budget for next month to. I have got a trip down to the parents this weekend but think I’ll still have plenty.

Food £75 – Spent £50.35 The fella bought our main food shop at the start of the month but then I limited myself by getting cash out and trying to stick to spending what I had so I’m going to do this again

Charity Shop/Carboot £50 – £20 car boot sales, £32.71 charity shops = £52.71 total. Within this I have bought quite a few Christmas presents though which makes me feel a teeny bit better. The next couple of months should hopefully be a lot less though..

#3 Organise my Christmas shopping and come up with ideas for everyone

I would say I’m halfway there on this one. I’ve made a list of everything that I’ve got everyone so far and come up with a few ideas for people. I’m actually further along than I thought which is a big bonus. Now I just need to buy the rest…

So… What do I want to achieve before Christmas gets here?!

#1 Book our new year getaway with a good deal.

Last year we booked our holiday to Mexico on Black Friday when there was £150 off the holiday on Tui. I’m hoping we can get a better deal this year and hopefully get away somewhere nice and sunny (I’m talking over 26′ in January) for under £700 each.

#2 Make my own Christmas Cake

I NEED to start this very soon. I’ve never made a Christmas cake before, to be honest, I’ve never made a fruit cake before but here goes. I want to make my own and add a few drops of alcohol to it as I go to give it that proper Christmas Cake feel…

If you’ve got a good Christmas cake recipe then hit me up! Otherwise I’ll be dashing over to Pinterest!

#3 Spend less than £500 on Christmas

I’m talking cards (and postage), decorations, presents, food – the lot! I think I should be able to do this, I’m not going to say it will be easy because I don’t think it will, but I’m going to give it a damn good shot! We don’t actually have any plans for Christmas yet, so I’m not going to include fuel in my budget. But, we will probably end up going down to see the families around the festive season so this will be an extra cost.

My budget ideas are:

Cards and postage: £30. The plan is to make most of my cards, I have an endless craft supply and it’s about time I started using some of it! I’ll post a few cards together where I can to save on postage. I’ll start sending these out in the next few weeks and get them all out before the end of November hopefully!

Decorations: £100. A LOT more than usual but we have a bay window and it’s calling out for a sleigh and some reindeers… This will also include a real tree, a real wreath and then a few extra baubles etc for around the house.

Presents: £300. My partner always takes up the bulk of my budget, mostly because he likes practical gifts which he will actually use. I’ve stopped buying him clothing and he’s not the biggest fan of stocking fillers – I know! Shocking as I LOVE them. I’ve managed to get a lot of presents on offer or from charity shops so I’m hoping I can continue this. I’ve got plenty of wrapping paper so don’t need to buy any more this year!

I’ve compiled some ideas for stocking fillers under £10 which I’ll be buying a few of and then making them into little hampers and gift packages.

Food: £50. I’m going to try and make the most of offers on Shopmium, Checkout Smart and Top Cashback for cashback and free food deals. You can check out my post about them all here

Anything Else: £20 – I don’t need a Christmas outfit or any more Christmas jumpers but I like to give myself a little bit of over spend that can be used if I need it. Or it might just get used for some extra mince pies and orange and lemon slices for wrapping presents 😉

#4 Take part in ‘Christmas Activities’

Thanks to the new job I now have weekends off – YAY! I can’t wait to start having time to properly relax with the fella. The more Christmas activities I can fit into this the better! Also a factor into the hockey debate – which I’m leaning more against…

Here’s a few of the activities on my list:

  • Watch a fireworks display
  • Visit Christmas market/s
  • Go Christmas Tree shopping (I’m hoping to a Christmas tree farm)
  • Put up the tree and decorate it together
  • Go ice skating
  • Watch ALL the Christmas movies (OK maybe not all of them…)
  • Go for a Christmas light drive

I’ve even written an actual Christmas Bucket List with loads of different activities! – What do you think?!

What do you want to achieve before Christmas?

I’d love to know what your goals are for the next couple of months! Pop a link in the comments below and I’ll head over to your blog for a read.


  1. What great goals. I absolutely love christmas and in a few short hours I can really start to get excited for the build up.

    I am not sure how much I have spent so far but it is not too much, I am a bit of a bargain hunter.

    Heres to a wonderful holiday season and I am sure you will do well with your goals x x x

    1. Author

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one that goes into Christmas mode once Halloween is done!

      I’ve spent a little bit so far but it’s been in the sale with bargains and freebies so isn’t too much. I’m planning on doing a spend breakdown after Christmas to see how well I do!

      Ah thank you, and to you!! Xx

  2. Great post! I had 12 xmas gifts to buy and so far I have spent £37! I just need 2 A4 frames so maybe £5 extra.

    Then, I have to buy for my niece and nephew! Who’s presents will probably be most expensive!

    As long as I’m under £100 total I’m happy – I’ve tried to buy mainly from small businesses!

    Great post – Kenna (lifeoflilyblog.com)

    1. Author

      Oh wow! That’s really good, super impressive. I find it easy buying presents for some people and really hard for others

  3. You’re all so organised! I love Christmas, but cant motivate myself to buy anything for it until my tree is up. Last year I bought a real one for the smell, that cost me £90 (eek!) on the 29th Nov but it was looking a bit sad by the week before Christmas.
    I have a perfectly decent fake one in the loft, so I think I’ll save my cash this year, and buy some Christmas tree scented candles instead lol. My goal is to get all the Christmas shopping done before the kids break up for Christmas and then not go near an actual shop again until 2020 hahaha. (Online doesn’t count!)

    1. Author

      Haha that is a pretty good goal to me tbh! You can get those scenticles that are meant to give off a strong smell and aren’t that expensive either. I’d love to have all my shopping done by then!!

  4. I love the sound of a New Year get away – I ended up in Amsterdam in January this year, not quite the same as Mexico! I hope you find a great deal this week to somewhere sizzling ♥ As for the Christmas activities, I promised my partner I wouldn’t start until December so the next seven days will be lonnnnng for me, but I’m super excited! Great post and I hope you enjoy the festivities ♥

    1. Author

      I’m not sold on Amsterdam yet tbh, what did you think of it? We’re thinking Dominican Republic at the moment but we shall see what the deals are!
      We’re not putting the decs up until 12 days before but I’ve been doing plenty of Christmas activities and watched a few films already!
      Hope you have a lovely Christmas to!!

      1. I have never been a fan of Amsterdam at all but I needed to get away for a bunch of personal reasons at the start of this year and it was cheapest so that’s how I ended up there! 12 days before!! That’s so lovely and traditional! 😍 I haven’t watched any festive films yet! X

        1. Author

          Ah fair enough, sometimes some time away anywhere is needed isn’t it! Would you go back?
          I know, part of me loves it haha. Oh I’ve watched quite a few 🙈

          1. Exactly. I just needed anywhere! I wouldn’t go back any time soon, but never say never. Until this year it had been about 14 years since my last visit 😂 I’m starting the film’s this weekend ♥️

            1. Author

              That’s fair enough! Maybe one day I’ll visit! Heart radio has had the tunes on all week and I’ve been loving it! Christmas shopping on Saturday and then films Sunday for me 🙂

  5. Good luck with your goals! The best way to start changing yourself for the better!

  6. I love how organized you are – it makes it all seem so doable. I NEED to just sit down and do something similar. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      No worries, writing things down definitely makes things a lot easier!!

  7. I love getting bits in the sales for next year! Nothing wrong with a bargain! Got myself some gift tags for 25p a pack. Brilliant!

    1. Author

      25p a pack! That’s a really good deal!! I’d be chuffed with that haha. I love a good bargain 🙂 xx

  8. It’s a great idea to have a budget for Christmas! I always go WAY over mine so I’m hoping to be able to stick to one this holiday season. I love that you started thinking about Christmas so early – I was super focused on Thanksgiving and not even thinking about Christmas around Halloween. Thanks for sharing this 🙂

    1. Author

      Ah no worries, I’ve done well so far! Although haven’t started on the decoration shopping yet… it’s the lights that are going to be the expensive part! Wish we could have put them up on the 1st but think the 13th is the night for us! Cannot wait!

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