Gift Guide: Stocking Fillers under £10

I may be 27 and creeping up to 30 but I still love Christmas and especially stocking fillers. I’d much rather have a bag full of little inexpensive items than 1 or 2 ‘big ticket’ presents.

This may have come from my childhood as we generally got one ‘main’ present from our parents and then a stocking from Santa. We also always use to get 1 or 2 unwrapped presents hidden in the stocking. These were often really random trinkets or toys, one year I had a little turtle in a bubble bath! Not sure why this one stuck with me but it always has!

Anyway I digress, what you’re really here for is some ideas of stocking fillers under £10 each. So I’ll stop rabbiting and get on with it!

Stocking Fillers for her:

Girl giving friend a present


Fluffy socks, novelty socks, slipper socks! They are all fab, and yes I may have received about 20 pairs last year but I love all of them. Especially fluffy ones! Every evening when I come home from work they go straight on as they’re so cosy. Plus you can normally get a 2 pack for £3 from Primark – go and buy them now!


Home Bargains and B&M are two of the best places for candles. Yes Yankee candles and Woodwick are really lovely to receive, but they can be a bit more than £10. The candles from Home Bargains and B&M smell just as good (some even better) and are a fraction of the price.

Hot chocolate sets

These don’t have to be bought as sets because they can sometimes reach the top end of the £10 budget. What I’m thinking is of making your own and gifting it to someone. A good hot chocolate gift and you’ve taken the time and effort to make it, what could be better! You can pick up a big mug for £1 from numerous places; Poundland, B&M, Home Bargains, The Range to name a few. Add some hot chocolate powder (or a few sachets – often 4 for £1) and some mini marshmallows and you’re all set.

I love this little idea for kids as well!

Hot chocolate reindeer cones.

My mum makes and sells these in her shop but they’re also super simply and easy to make!

Alcohol gift sets

These are another thing that’s probably cheaper, and more special if you make them yourself. Grab a couple of her favourite minis (or a bottle of wine if cheap enough) include a nice glass and mixer if it’s a spirit and then pop these together in a gift box or hamper. You could also chuck in a couple of chocolates or sweet treats to make it an alcoholic treat box 😉

Bath smellys

I know this is going to be controversial but I quite like bath bits. I do have loads of them now…. But a bath bomb or some bath bubbles would be really nice to receive, maybe throw in a face mask and a little candle and you’ve got a bath time relaxation hamper!


You can easily pick up a book by their favourite author for less than £10. Extra points though if you pick these up from a charity shop or somewhere like The Works where their books are normally on a 3 for £5 deal. Books are one of my favourites gifts to receive – and I have a few!


Whether its a new diary, a calendar (I’ve stopped getting gifted these now and it’s the one thing I really miss!) or just some nice pens and paper. These can be picked up for under £1 each, let alone under £10!

Beauty/skincare & Makeup

Budget skincare and makeup is becoming a LOT more common nowadays. You can pick up nice eye shadow palettes for just a few £s and skincare can be even cheaper. Face masks are a perfect gift in this category and there are so many out on the market now!

Stocking Fillers for him:

Man dressed as elf with beard baubles


This is a normally a novelty tie, that I suppose can go with novelty socks to! My dad ALWAYS gets a musical tie for Christmas which he will then wear when we go to church in the evening. I remember one year when the battery didn’t work and it just wasn’t the same…

Alcohol gift sets

The same as the alcoholic gift set for her but with HIS favourite tipples. The ‘man flu’ or ‘hot toddy’ mug use to be one of our best sellers where I use to work so this is an easy spin on the idea. Put a miniature in a mug with a few cough sweets or humbugs.


A nice pair of leather gloves or a nice winter scarf are always needed this time of year! These will be at the higher scale of the budget but definitely achievable under £10


I know it’s a bit boring but we all need underwear and it’s definitely a useful stocking filler. Scrap this if he only wears Calvins though as you’ll be doing well to get them under £10

Skin care / beard care sets

Beard care sets are becoming much more popular now and can make a nice pamper gift for the man in your life. It’s not just us girls who like to relax in the bath after a long day at work!! Grab him some bubbles – radox is a MUST GET gift because it’s ‘manly’ enough and really cheap.

Coffee pods

I don’t think I know many households who don’t have a coffee machine… Buy a few sleeves of his favourite coffee pods, splashing out on the branded ones can cost £3-5 or you can get cheaper versions from Aldi and the likes which taste just as good.

Wallet / Card Holder

Card holders are more of a hit with an older guy or a wallet for a younger guy. Something they all need but I find begrudge buying themselves. Even if it’s falling apart and they really NEED a new one!


I think this is probably the most used gift that I ever bought for my partner! Putting on his slippers is one of the first things that he does when he gets home.

Stocking fillers for children:

young girl infront of christmas tree with presents


I always try to buy a game for my nieces and nephews, its something that we can all play together and it really emphasises the family feeling at Christmas. This is the same with puzzles but often the kids may want to do the puzzles themselves.


The Works is my favourite place for kids books, they often do 10 books for £10 online and occasionally in store. This is a bargain for brand new books and they always have new ones!


I left this out for adults as they can be slightly more expensive (adults love them too though!). Kids love pj’s and you can pick a set up for under £10 easily. If you shop around you could probably even get them a pair of slippers to go with the pj’s for under £10!


The inevitable on a kids gift list surely. But their toys don’t have to cost the £40/50 many of us spend on them every Christmas. Buying toys second hand can be a great way to save money and slash the budget. Go sourcing in charity shops or car boots or even search on Facebook. All households have too many toys so they’ll be getting ready to throw them out in order to make space for new toys at Christmas. This is the perfect time to buy them as people just want rid so prices will be really low!

Presents for everyone sorted!

Hopefully this post has shown you that there are loads of gifts you can get without having to spend a fortune!

If I’ve missed anything off the list be sure to let me know in the comments below – I’d love to know what would be on your gift guides.

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  1. Christmas is my favorite time of the year because it’s the season of giving! However, I try not to give the same stocking fillers every year such as bath and body products. I I have never thought to give coffee pods to people really enjoy drinking coffee oh, that’s a great idea!

    Natonya |

    1. Author

      Yeah I completely get your point! It’s nice to have different things isn’t it.
      I like mixing things up a bit with personalised hampers as i think I put a bit more thought into them x

      1. O yeah it’s fun to send personal baskets to loved ones!👏🏾😁

        1. Author

          Definitely is, I enjoy making them as well and finding little bits throughout the year

  2. Great list! I love anything that comes in a gift set. Books and hot chocolate is probably my favorite stocking stuffer! My daughter usually gets a little manicure set in her stocking and a mini spa set with lotions and body wash.

    1. Author

      Me to! I don’t get gifted them enough now, a little hamper with loads of little self care and relaxation bits would be the perfect gift!
      My mum always buys me a few books and the fella will get me any specific ones I want.
      I’m all for surprises though and hampers feel like they have a bit more thought out into them. X

  3. I’m the same, I always love receiving the little, inexpensive things and they are often the things I remember more. Great post, you’ve given me some ideas of what I can buy the men in my life this year

    1. Author

      Ah thank you, same here. I love little treasures x

  4. I love the ‘little bits’ on Christmas for gifts so much – they’re often things that we use a whole lot more than the big gifts! I love to start stocking up on coffee syrups and teas for gifts and body care stuff. This year I am also getting luxury chocolates as there’s some great offers on at the moment, and chocolate makes for a great filler (at least for most people I know) x

    1. Author

      Me to!!! Sounds like you make pretty good hampers to me!! Xx

  5. I absolutely love Christmas and stockings in particular. We all get one in my house, including me and my Dad!

    I have got most of what you’ve listed already so it shows what a great list it is. You can get some wonderful lost cost bits these days, especially in places like home bargains and B&M.

    Heres to a wonderful festive season!

    1. Author

      Ah thank you, that means a lot!
      I think stockings are one of the best bits, we always use to take it in turns unwrapping our presents which made them last even longer to and you got to see what everyone else got as well.
      LOVE B&M and Home Bargains, they’re opening a new one about 5 minutes walk from me before Christmas and I can see it being quite dangerous 🙈

      And to you!! 🎄🎄

      1. You’d better freeze your bank cards!! I’ve got one close by and I’m crazy with it!

        1. Author

          It’s not healthy for the old bank balance at all!!! Almost want it to open after Christmas otherwise I feel sorry for my purse!

          1. Just think of the bargains you’ll get for next Christmas in the sales!! I’m not helping am I?

            1. Author

              Haha I don’t need any persuasion but you’re giving me lots of excuses!! Aha

  6. It’s so funny how as a child socks were considered a rubbish present but now, I love getting new socks for Christmas! B&M and Home Bargains are fab for picking up little stocking filler bits but I always end up coming out with stuff for me as well! Great post 🙂 x

    1. Author

      I know! I was the same, and with bath bits – they always use to get donated to raffles. It’s too easy to buy things in B&M and Home Bargains isn’t it!! Thank you 🙂 x

  7. Man, Santa keeps skipping my house every year, even though I always put out my stocking. Was I really that bad?

    I appreciate socks a lot these days – especially like the Darn Tough socks. They last so long!

    1. Author

      Exactly! How about a few alcohol miniatures inside a sock stocking!!
      You can never have too many pairs of socks!! X

  8. These awesome ideas, I love doing and getting stuff for people and friends.

    1. Author

      Thank you, greatest gifts have time and effort put into them!

  9. I am exactly the same I love lots of little presents rather than one big gift. I find that you can tell more from the thought behind the little gifts.
    Love the hot chocolate idea

    1. Author

      Me to! Here I was thinking it was just me but there’s so many people who have said the same! I’m going to make them for my nieces and nephews I think

  10. “Manly enough” . . . that beard set set me laughing! I love the sweetness of these ideas, and how you take into account the need for man to have some pampering to!

    1. Author

      Ah thank you, we all enjoy a bit of pampering every now and again!!

  11. We always got the one main present and stockings growing up as well. I still miss having a stocking! These are great ideas, thanks!

    1. Author

      I still ask my mum for one even though I live with my partner now 🙈😂

  12. I love these stocking filler ideas! Haha, the candles are totally my vibe. Oooh, you can never go wrong with stationery either. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Author

      Haha theres no such thing as too many candles!!!

  13. Very creative and helpful list, it almost makes me want to stuff some stalkings. But thats not currently in the budget…maybe next year!

    1. Author

      Ah thank you! I’m a big stocking filler fan with just one or two ‘big’ presents

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