Charity Shop Wardrobe: on a Budget

I’ve not always been a fan of the charity shop, I remember when my mum had to drag me into them. Or I’d wait outside because I didn’t want to be seen going into them.


Taking part in #secondhandseptember helped me to find my love of charity shops. So much so that it has pretty much given me a new wardrobe, of which I am going to share my favourites!

Charity Shop Fashion

3 blazers bought from charity shop and car boot

These 3 blazers cost me just £3.50 IN TOTAL! – I am a BIG blazer fan because they just finish off every single outfit – work or casual.

Pink Blazer – £1 car boot sale

Blue Blazer – £1 Cancer Research Charity Shop (not worn yet)

Burgundy Blazer – £1.50 car boot sale (Brand new with tags still attached)

3 dresses from charity shops, black & white striped, grey work dress, butterfly dress

Really lovely dresses that again can be both casual or work attire. Im gutted that the grey work dress is slightly too small though 🙁

Black & White Striped – £3.99 Charity Shop (Topshop, slightly short but fine with tights)

Grey work – £2 Charity Shop (Warehouse, really good condition)

Butterfly – £1 Charity Shop (think I’m going to wear this in the next few days because it’s rather cute and long sleeved)

Definitely my favourite item from the whole month would be the bird dress pictured above. I’ve already worn it twice, once to a Christening followed by date night and then a few days later to work! Super comfy, really light and the fella is also a fan!

2 blue shirts purchased from charity shops

I’ve got blue shirts on my shopping list to pair with my beige chinos so I was chuffed to find these, these two are more casual styles, especially the striped as it’s slightly small so will have to wear undone with a white top underneath.

Striped – £1.49 Reduced at British Heart Foundation

Check – £1 Cancer research

I have to say I’m pretty chuffed with my find over the last month and it’s definitely given me the bug to keep checking! You can get some absolute bargains for a fraction of the retail cost.

Charity Shop Prices

To conclude, do you fancy a guess at the total price for all the items pictured above?!


I am absolutely amazed that I managed to get 10 items for an average cost of £1.50 each. On the other hand, I bought a long sleeved top from Primark to go with some of my skirts which cost £3.50!

Let me know if you’ve found any charity shop bargains lately, I’d love it if you tagged me in any pictures you upload. As a result of this we could even create our own hashtag 😉


  1. I love charity shop shopping! 😊

    I always find such great bits!
    Looks like you have found some good bits too!
    I can’t believe how cheap you got them blazers!

    Love Lozza xo

    1. Author

      I know, I was absolutely chuffed with them! Especially managing to find them in my size to! I found a next one the other day for £1 so had to pick that one up to 🙈 will have loads soon haha

    1. Author

      Oooh I’m going to check your post out now! Thank you ☺️ I love it, I’ve worn it loads already as it can go with so many different things! X

  2. You literally show how cool of looks you can create on a bargain – great article!

  3. A great post which just shows, you never know what gems you could find in charity shops! My mother in law is always getting me gorgeous clothes from the shop she volunteers at, and at such a bargain! Will definitely be going on a charity shop crawl this weekend 😊

    1. Author

      They really are treasure troves, I’ve had to start making myself a list of things that I want/need otherwise I’d just buy so much. I’ve been out this morning and come back with two bags full, most of it on the list though! I’d love to know what you find!! xx

    1. Author

      It’s so nice! Definitely one of my favourite finds! Looking out for long sleeved dresses suitable for the colder weather now… x

    1. Author

      Ah thank you 😌😌 It’s amazing what you can find when you have a look!

  4. Nice items. Definitely I like wearing blazers and jackets to complete the look

    1. Author

      Thank you! Blazers nicely finish a look off don’t they! X

  5. Love this! Shopping at thrift or charity shops is much like a treasure hunt. Finding the good stuff among the not so good can be a rewarding challenge.

    1. Author

      I love it! Started going out on my lunch break but then I find it so tempting to spend money which isn’t a good habit! X

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