My top 3 Goals for October

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Hey everyone! I’ve decided to share my October goals with you here in the hope that it’ll give me to motivation to smash them! How quick has September gone though?! I swear it feels like it’s actually flown by and October has just appeared out of nowhere! And with the new month, the cold weather has come in just as fast!

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Before I share my goals for October, here’s a little recap of my September goals.

September Goals

#1 No Spend Month

This was a relatively successful goal, I managed to have just 6 spend days which I was actually really impressed with. I hadn’t set myself an official number of allowed days but had set myself some budgets for things I knew I would spend on;

Food Budget = £75 Spent = £75.54

Petrol Budget = £100 Spent = £110

Charity Shop/Carboot Budget = £20 Spent = £57

As you can see the budget side of this really didn’t work out as well. Though I limited the days where I spent money, on the ones I spent, it was larger amounts.

#2 SecondHandSeptember

Although I really did not keep up with posting everyday (I need to be realistic when I do daily challenges.. ) I definitely embraced my love of second hand goods.

You can take a look at what I did manage to complete over here – I’m going to try and finish it off! Just maybe over a few more days or weeks….

I’m going to do a post with a round up of all my buys in September if that’s something that would interest you all.. I even went to my first car boot since moving to Manchester and can’t wait to go to another.

#3 Get a new job

This one I have smashed! Applied, had a phone interview the morning after, 2 interviews within 3 days and was given the position less than a week after applying! I start on Monday and actually CANNOT wait.

It’s in a completely different career path so there will be lots to learn and develop on.

October Goals

#1 Join and start using a gym and try to go jogging every week

Now that I’m going to be working Monday – Friday this should hopefully give me more opportunity to use the gym and start looking after my fitness a bit more. A little group from my area also go for a jog once a week so I want to start joining them more often.

#2 Stick to monthly budgets for things

Petrol = £100 This should be easier this month as work is half the distance now. Plus I’ve not got any long journeys planned…

Food = £75 I managed this last month so hopefully I can do it again!

Charity Shop/Carboot = £50 A lot more budgeted than last month but there are a few things on my wish list and I need some more uniform!

If you’re looking for car boot sales in your area check out this Facebook group

#3 Organise my Christmas shopping list and come up with ideas for everyone

I’ve already started this but I need to mainly come up with more ideas for things. My mum’s pretty much sorted even though there’s loads more things that I could get for her. I find her the easiest of everyone to shop for.

I also want to write my Christmas card list as I really want to get these sent out by the end of November at the absolute latest!

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I’d love to know what your goals are for October so feel free to leave your links in the comments!


  1. Congrats on the new job. I definitely need to address my fitness this month and maybe look at joining a gym.

    1. Author

      Ah thank you. I’m never normally successful at sticking with the gym so I’m hoping I can get better!

    1. Author

      Thanks, it’s good to do and then know what you’re aiming for, I find I’m more motivated if it’s written down!

  2. Really great stuff – no spend month is definitely right up my alley! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Author

      No worries. Thanks! I’m going to keep up with it 👍

  3. I’m impressed with your goals – already Christmas planning. Congrats on the new job!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Already got a few presents bought and ready to crack on. It always come by so quick so I’d love to be organised in advance for once! X

    1. Author

      It makes them feel more real doesn’t it!

  4. These are good sounding goals. Good luck with them! This reminded me that I need to work out a Christmas card list and make sure I get my cards out nice and early.

    1. Author

      Ah thank you, it comes around so quick doesn’t it! I always have good intentions and then don’t get any sent so want to be majorly on it this year x

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