Yummy homemade Muffin pizzas for just pennies each!

As a child, muffin pizzas were always a quick and easy meal that we really enjoyed. They’re really yummy and you can make them however you want. My mum use to let us use whatever ingredients we had in the fridge and make up our own creations.

What I didn’t realise as a child was just how cheap these are!

What do I need to make them?!

This is all of the ingredients that I used to make my muffin pizzas. The only real essentials are muffins and tomato purée. Everything else is your choice. I also used bbq sauce which I forgot to picture 🙈

I was lucky enough to find these muffins half price so they cost about 20p for all 4, the rest of the ingredients were already sat in my fridge.

How do you make muffin pizzas?

Making them is really simple. Like I say we use to make these as young children!

First, cut the muffin in half and spread a layer of tomato purée all over it to create your base.

Next you simply add all of the toppings that you want. I normally start with the cheese and then add onto this but whatever order works for you.

After this I finished mine off with a splattering of BBQ sauce dotted over the tops of the pizza giving it a Texan BBQ type taste.

Cooking your muffin pizza

To cook your muffin pizza simply pop it on a baking tray and into your grill. I set mine onto the medium heat setting and leave it for about 5 minutes. As soon as it starts turning golden brown and the cheese is melting take it out.

Once it’s done all that’s left is to sit back and enjoy!

Experiment with different toppings and you can really make individual pizzas that the whole family will enjoy.

What did it cost?

I’ve worked out the cost for a family of 4 roughly, it’ll work out slightly different dependant on ingredients used.

Muffin – 20p

Tomato purée – 5p (50p tube)

Cheese – 25p (£2.50 whole block)

Ham – 40p (£2 for 6 slices)

Onion – 5p (89p for bag of 8)

Sweetcorn – 5p (35p for whole tin)

Bbq sauce – 10p (£1 for whole tub)

Total cost: £1.10 (£7.44 for full packet ingredients)

Cost for each serving: 28p!!!

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  1. My girls love to make these. They have the fun of making them and they don’t cost much at all x

    1. Author

      I use to love making them when I was younger and they still taste just as good now!

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