The best, life changing ways to start saving money in 2019

saving in 2019
This post contains affiliate links, which means, at no cost to you, I may receive a commission if you click through and make a purchase or join a service. These are all services and products that I recommend through my own experience.

Money saving tips are all over the internet and you’ve probably read your fair share of them.

How do we know which ones of them are best, and which ones actually work?

Over the past few years I have tried many many ways to save money and I’ve selected the best methods that have worked for me.

My favourite money saving tips

I have decided to split these into 3 categories so that you can jump to your favourite!

  1. Cashback apps and websites
  2. Lifestyle choices
  3. Side hustles

Cashback apps and websites

Shopmium, Checkout Smart, GreenJinn, Topcashback

All of these are amazing apps for saving money on your food shop. Simply download the apps onto your phone and start having a browse.

The basic gist is that you get different amounts of cashback on items that you would normally buy anyway – sometimes even getting items for FREE!

I only buy the items that I would normally eat or buy anyway. For me there’s no point buying baby food because it’s cheaper when it’s only going to sit in the cupboard.

Shopmium – enter code AKUFFAHY for a free tub of nutella

Checkout Smart


Topcashback – download the app, click ‘in-store’ and ‘groceries’

Use Quidco or Topcashback whenever you make an online purchase.

If I’m ever buying something online – which is rare nowadays, I always go through one of these websites first.

The both run on the same premise that if you click through their link before you buy something you’ll get cashback on that purchase.

As you can see there’s some fab deals on at the moment and these are constantly changing. It literally takes 30 seconds to do as well. Simply open quidco or topcashback and search for the retailer that you’re shopping at. Click on their link and complete your purchase in the newly opened tab. Voila!

The money isn’t instantly put into your account but it does build up steadily. As you can see I’ve earned over £175 and that’s just by clicking through here on my rare purchases! If you shop online all the time this could be A LOT higher.

Sign up to Topcashback and you’ll receive a £5 tesco gift card completely FREE

Sign up to Quidco and you can get extra bonuses when you cash out

Money Conscious Lifestyle Choices

Make a budget

Hands down this is my number 1 money saving tip! If you take anything away from this post then please let it be this.

From Barack Obama himself!

You need to set yourself a budget so that you can actually see what money you’ve got coming in and where you’re spending it. Once you know how much you’ve got and what disposable income you have left you can start really saving money. Cut back on your expenses and increase your disposable income. This will allow you to put more (or at least some) money into a savings pot.

If you’re a big reader join your local library

I NEVER pay full price for books. Your local library should be your best friend if you’re a big reader. You can get all the books you want without having to pay silly prices. Most books retail at around £6.99 new whereas at the library you can get them completely FREE.

I’ve just switched careers so wanted some new books to read. I could have gone out and spent a fortune on them but instead I logged onto my library website and reserved a load to be delivered to my local. The fab thing about libraries is that they are often part of a large group and will share books. This means you have access to the books in loads of different libraries and not just the one on your doorstep.

Buy a thermal mug and take your own coffee to the office.

How many of us stop at Costa or Starbucks on the way into work? £3 a time at least for our morning coffee…

Make one at home, pop it in your thermal mug and take it with you instead.

If you’re fussy about coffee then it’s still worth it (in the long run) to buy a nice coffee machine and the pods that you like and take these in. You’ll be paying £4 for 10 drinks (at Nespresso prices no less!) so just 40p a coffee instead of the £3/4 each!

Amazon currently have the Nespresso Inissia and Aerochino for under £100 or the Tassimo Coffee Machine if you’re a Costa fan for under £40

Never go shopping without a list

This use to be my biggest mistake! It’s the easiest way to waste your money, especially if you pair it with going shopping whilst hungry. BIG no no there!!

Go through your cupboards and have a look at what you actually need and then stick to this when you get to the shops.

Start buying things secondhand instead of brand new

There are loads of reasons to love second hand goods. The main one being that they cost less than brand new items!

Making money with side hustles

Survey websites like prolific, valued opinions and populusLive.

The three I’ve mentioned are my favourite sites but there are absolutely LOADS that I could mention here. Since I’ve started using these I’ve earned about £200 on Valued Opinions, £100 on prolific and £75 on populus live.

These are fab ways to earn money if you’ve got a spare few minutes here and there. Open your computer, visit the site and then complete a few surveys and the money will slowly start adding app.

Money saving apps like one pulse, vypr and qmee

One pulse is probably my favourite app at the moment and I’m regularly earning $5 every 2 or 3 weeks. Qmee is a survey app very similar to survey websites where you can earn money every day. It’s surveys range from 10p up to about £2.

Vypr is an app unlike any others, it runs on steers and these are one or two questions based on a specific product.

Make money scanning your receipts

Bizarre I know, but Shoppix, SnapMyEats, Receipt Hog and Huyu are all apps that will pay you for sending them pictures of your receipts.

Shoppix is my favourite and the most giving when it comes to points. It accepts any receipts but you can only send one in per store each day. Receipt Hog takes any receipts but does take longer to pay out. I think I’ve earned £10 from Receipt Hog in the same time that I earned £40 from Shoppix.

SnapMyEats and Huyu only accept receipts from specific shops (food shops really like Asda and Tesco etc). With SnapMyEats you can earn up to £5 a month (in amazon vouchers) for 15 validated receipts and Huyu is another slow burner that works on points.

Any questions on specific apps or websites feel free to ask away! I would love to know if people would be interested in reading separate posts on apps that I use and the different budgeting methods. Let me know in the comments below!


    1. Author

      Thank you 🙂 they’re all really good!

  1. These are some great ideas for sure ♥ It is so helpful to have a list when doing the shopping, especially if doing it in store and not online, to avoid the extra temptations! x

    1. Author

      The temptations are the things that always get me!! Just chuck a few extras in here and there and the cost soon adds up!! X

  2. Yes, the library– I keep forgetting about it and everytime I got to the bookstore I spend quite a bit! My books will also turn into clutter if I continue this way. Great tip!

    1. Author

      If I can’t find anything I like at the library, or if I’m looking for a specific book I even check out charity shops and carboots. I got loads of books the other day for 20p each!

  3. Very nice tips! And start a budget is SUCH a good idea because it puts your spending into perspective

    1. Author

      It definitely does! It makes loads more sense when it’s all written down in front of you!

    1. Author

      Thank you! It really helps as it makes you think about what you actually need, if it’s not on the list put it back!

  4. I’ve got to stick to a budget for real! And i’ll have to try the survey places for side money.

    1. Author

      The survey places are quite good if you have a few spare minutes here and there. A lot of people do them while commuting and things. If you write it down it’s easier to stick to it! I’ve started trying to keep different amounts of cash in different places so I can visualise what I have left in each category

  5. I’m a part of a few libraries and it’s beyond me how people don’t use them more often! Also, my libraries have an e-reader loan system so I don’t even have to go there in person to get new books, which is prefect because I work remotely half the year.

    1. Author

      I think mine has an e-reader section as well, they’re becoming more high tech and using Internet more nowadays! I think a lot of it is that people aren’t aware of how much they have. My mum use to take me in as a child and I’ve always been a keen reader but only started going to the library a few months ago now!

  6. Loved these tips! I personally didn’t know about the cashback apps! I have another money saving tip which is order your groceries online. I don’t know if it’s the same in the UK, but here in The Netherlands you can get your groceries delivered for free if you oder over 25 euros (picnic). I find that with shopping my groceries online I don’t buy the impulse buys and sale items!

    xoxo Annaleid

    1. Author

      That is a very good point! I believe it is the same here that you can get free delivery over a certain spend. I use to do online shopping every now and then but the cheaper stores here don’t offer home delivery yet.

      Definitely a good way to save and stop impulse purchases though!!

  7. I think a lot of people see ‘lifestyle changes’ and assume it’s going to be something major that will seriously impact their ability to enjoy the life they’ve come to enjoy. They don’t realize that even the smallest changes can have a big impact!

    1. Author

      Exactly! I think it’s a quite often the small changes that people think won’t do anything that actually help the most!
      If someone can manage to put something into a savings pot, regardless of how small it is, they’re still on the savings journey and they’ve made a start! It’s amazing how little amounts can soon add up

  8. Great tips, Hannah !! I would love to check these apps out to save some bucks. I’ll always prefer to visit local libraries , huh 🙂

    1. Author

      Libraries are just fantastic places!

  9. Love these!!! Thank you for sharing your insights in this area!

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